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Photo of Brandon Condie, Mental Health Counselor

About The Founder

California born, Colorado raised and Utah living, clinical therapist and behavior analyst. 

Acquired undergraduate degree at the University of Utah, and graduate degree from Pacific University in Portland, Oregon. has been working for over 14-years in the field of clinical psychology and behavior analysis. credentialed as a clinical mental health counselor and board certified behavior analyst. 


Experience in clinical psychology ranges from depression, and anxieties (e.g., social anxiety, ocd, phobias, fears), to vocational performance, and collegiate athletics.  

Within the field of behavior analysis, has worked closely with those dealing with intellectual disabilities ranging from a mild to severe diagnoses, as well as those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). 

CLEAR was established a results driven resource for improvement in any aspect in life. treatment and/or consulting is person centered, data driven and based in empirically valid modalities. In other words it about creating the best results for you or those you care about. 


Overall health and achievement is not an unattainable idea. It is an objective that is possible by anyone. Moreover, it becomes a matter of resources and personal determination to address the issues that are hindering those aspirations. CLEAR's role is to act as that resource in addressing the acute or long-standing obstacles that have hindered movement in the direction intended. Happiness, success and victory are always within reach.  


CLEAR's mission is to assist others in discovering a better way to move forward in life through enhanced skills, mechanisms and tools that would improve the quality of life for the individual, and those around them.   

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