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support during - covid-19

During this time of increased health awareness and social distancing, especially those at risk, we are making TELE-HEALTH available. 

Please contact us to set up and appointment via Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangout and other resources

We hope you are well. Stay safe and stay happy. 


Mental Health

Behavior Analysis

Performance Analysis

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Clear Counseling & Consulting

Mental & Behavioral Health

When anyone talks about mental health, they should include the word balance. Mental health is about balancing out the normal emotions, thoughts and behaviors that we engage in each and every day. Those emotions, thoughts and behaviors only become a problem when they are out of balance. We are meant to experience the ebb-and-flow of happiness, sadness, excitement and disappointment. The goal is to avoid getting stuck in places that do not work for us. If we do become stuck, then, that may be where we need some assistance. Counseling services give an additional resource for knowledge and growth. Give Clear Counseling and Consulting a call at 801.634.7965

Therapeutic Approach

CLEAR, approaches treatment from a cognitive-behavior framework.  We are focused on developing the effective mechanisms and tools needed in order to establish long-term and lasting change. 

Measurement and monitoring progress is key to success.

Clinicians use, when possible, assessment tools to gauge the direction and progress of treatment.

This assists the individual to see and recognize the changes that are occurring, and to not become discouraged when life circumstances may create some struggle or disappointment. 

Treatments for



     social anxiety

     obsessive compulsive


     generalized anxieties

Stress management





Pornography addiction







So, what do you want? It is important that you begin to tell yourself that you deserve to be happy. You are capable of success. Life can be full of progression and accomplishment. This is not to say that telling yourself that you deserve to be happy is an easy task, or that you even believe it is possible. But... you have to start! One step at a time will eventually get you to your desired destination. And, if needed, we would love to help you on that journey. 

Mental Health Counseling

Applied Behavior Analysis

What is behavior analysis or a behavior analyst, and what does it mean for you? ABA, or applied behavior analysis has been established as best practice in working with adults, adolescents and children diagnosed with autism and/or an intellectual disability. ABA is the application of functionally based interventions meant to modify problematic behavior into more functional and socially relevant behaviors. ABA is data or measurement driven, in order to gauge the effectiveness of treatment and establish progress. What does this mean to you? It means that you can count on evidenced-based practices being used on behalf of those that need assistance. That means increased outcomes, positive progress and success for those you care about, and carried out by those qualified to do so.

Therapeutic Approach

Behavior analysis is considered to be best practice in addressing problem behaviors with individuals diagnosed with an intellectual disability and autism. Those providing any behavioral services will be board certified behavior analysts (BCBA). 


Treatment is a team oriented approach. Team members include family, friends, associates and professionals. Those team members are involved in the development of the behavior support program aimed at assisting the individual in gaining greater skills, increased independence and autonomy (based upon the individuals ability), and decreasing those behaviors hindering that progress. 

Treatments for

Physical aggression

Verbal aggression

Property destruction

Angry outbursts

Running away - elopement

Inappropriate sexual behaviors


Obsessive-compulsive behaviors


Social skills



and more... 

Parents & Caregivers

There are a kaleidoscope of worries parents take on when they have children. That burden of worry becomes significantly heavier when they have a child with a disability. 


Behavior analysis is meant to assist in lifting some of that burden, and aid developing a healthy repertoire of behaviors that are more functional for the child and parents in the home, school and community. 


Give us a call. Let's talk about what the options are, and what we can do to help. 

behavior Analysis ABA

Sports & Performance

Mental conditioning is about training athletes at any level and any age to develop the mental strength to overcome the challenges that sports inherently posses. Then taking their specific skill to the next level. Often the focus is on the physical abilities of the athlete, however it is the mental endurance, resiliency and overall conditioning that separates them from the crowd and creates a superior athlete.


Belief in ones self is paramount in over coming the constant challenges that life presents. in athletics it becomes the edge that one athlete has over another. particularly when the other athlete(s) see it.

confidence increases performance, it can establish better results and efforts from teammates and it can create hope and excitement in coaches and spectators.

it enables the resiliency needed when personal performance is not were it has been or needs to be.

errors are reduced when an individual believes in themselves and when others believe in them. build confidence and you will build a better anyone. 


"The ability to bounce back when faced with stress or pressure." 


"Able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions." 


"a particular attitude toward, or way of regarding something; a point of view." 


"we can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses." 

          Abraham Lincoln

Sports Performance Analysis

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